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Teledyne Dalsa TurboDrive

Breaking the GigE Limit

TurboDrive is a mode of operation used to push past the gigabit Ethernet speed ceiling, allowing a GigE Vision cameras to send pixel information at a rate in excess of 125 MB/s and speeding up line and frame rates beyond the nominal link capacity. How much more speed does TurboDrive deliver? The degree of improvement is dependent on the image itself, but is often double the standard throughput.

Image Quality

TurboDrive does not affect your image. The images transmitted to system memory are exactly the same as the images read from the camera sensor, bit for bit. There is no loss of image data and no compromise.


TurboDrive does not require any hardware or software changes to your network or application. However it is only available on select Teledyne DALSA cameras and requires Teledyne DALSA's free Sapera LT SDK (v8.0 minimum), which includes our GigE driver.

Camera Platforms

TurboDrive is now featured in the new Genie Nano cameras featuring the Sony Pregius Global shutter CMOS sensors. The IMX174 and IMX249 have been released in this series with further IMX sensors on the horizon. TurboDrive is also featured in the economical Linea CMOS Line scan cameras.

Teledyne Dalsa TurboDrive GigE camera information page

Dalsa Linea Line Scan CMOS Cameras

  • Ultra Low Cost Camera Link Line Scan
  • On-board flat field correction
  • On-board lens shading correction
  • GeniCam or ASCII control
  • Multiple ROI
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
LA-CC-04k05B CCamLink409621248Dalsa 28.84
LA-CC-08k05B CCamLink819221226Dalsa 14.42
LA-CM-02K08A MCamLink204811280Dalsa 14.4mm
LA-CM-04K08A MCamLink409611280Dalsa 28.8mm
LA-CM-08K08A MCamLink819211280Dalsa 57.7mm
LA-CM-16K05A MCamLink1638411248Dalsa 57.3mm
LA-GC-02k05B CGigE20482848Dalsa 57.67
LA-GC-04k05B CGigE40962813Dalsa 28.84
LA-GM-02K08A MGigE204811252Dalsa 14.4mm
LA-GM-04K08A MGigE409611226Dalsa 28.8mm
LA-GM-08K08A MGigE819211213Dalsa 57.67mm
LA-HM-16K07A MHSLink1611271Dalsa Proprietary57.3mm

Dalsa Genie Nano Cameras

  • Turbo Drive
  • Multi-ROI Windows
  • Multi-Exposure
  • Auto-Brightness (AGC + Exposure)
  • Color Enhancement
  • Multicast Feature
  • Precise Time Protocol support
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
Nano XL-M4090 Nano XL-C4090GigE40964096127.10On-Semi PYTHON NOIP1SE016KA26
Nano XL-M5100 Nano XL-C5100GigE51205120124.50On-Semi PYTHON NOIP1SE025KA33.16
Nano-C4900 CGigE49123684106On-Semi AR1820HS1/2.3"
Nano-M1280 Nano-C1280GigE128010241093On-Semi PYTHON 13001/2
Nano-M1280-NIR MGigE128010241093On-Semi PYTHON 13001/2
Nano-M1920 Nano-C1920GigE192012001239Sony IMX2491/1.2
Nano-M1930 Nano-C1930GigE192012001051On-Semi PYTHON 20002/3
Nano-M1930-NIR MGigE192012001051On-Semi PYTHON 20002/3
Nano-M1940 Nano-C1940GigE192012001052Sony IMX1741/1.2
Nano-M2020 Nano-C2020GigE204815361235Sony IMX2651/1.8
Nano-M2050 Nano-C2050GigE20481536835Sony IMX2521/1.8
Nano-M2420 Nano-C2420GigE244820481222Sony IMX2642/3
Nano-M2450 Nano-C2450GigE24482048822Sony IMX2502/3
Nano-M2590 Nano-C2590GigE259220481022.50On-Semi PYTHON 50001
Nano-M2590-NIR MGigE259220481022.50On-Semi PYTHON 50001
Nano-M4020 Nano-C4020GigE411230081220Sony IMX3041.1
Nano-M4030 Nano-C4030GigE411221761230Sony IMX2671
Nano-M4040 Nano-C4040GigE4112301289.70Sony IMX2531.1
Nano-M4060 Nano-C4060GigE41122176814.30Sony IMX2551
Nano-M640 Nano-C640GigE64048010392On-Semi PYTHON 3001/4
Nano-M640-NIR MGigE64048010392On-Semi PYTHON 3001/4
Nano-M800 Nano-C800GigE80060010255On-Semi PYTHON 5001/3.6
Nano-M800-NIR MGigE80060010255On-Semi PYTHON 5001/3.6

*Model Abbreviations designate camera is available in B-Monochrome, M-Monochrome, C-Color, M/C-Monochrome or Color
**Interface - Firewire cameras = 1394 , Camera Link cameras = Cam Link, USB2.0 cameras = USB, Gigabit Ethernet (GigE, GigeVision) = GigE
***FPS - Frames Per Second