GigE Area scan camera Teledyne DALSA Nano XL-M4090 | Nano XL-C4090 Teledyne DALSA Nano XL-M4090 | Nano XL-C4090
GigE Camera
ON Semi PYTHON 16K Sensor
4096x4096 Resolution
Area Scan Camera

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Genie Nano cameras include TurboDrive technology, delivering high speed data transfers exceeding the GigE limit. TurboDrive uses advanced data modeling to boost data transfers up to 2X faster than standard GigE Vision speeds. These breakthrough rates are achieved by optimizing throughput, taking advantage of both the sensors maximum frame rate and GigE data transfer speeds. Genie Nano cameras include the latest Sony Pregius and OnSemi Python sensors.

Nano XL-C4090 and Nano XL-M4090 cameras are built with a ON Semi PYTHON 16K .

Learn more about TurboDrive.

Genie Nano GigE and 5GigE Cameras

  • VGA to 25MP
  • GigE to NBaseT interface up to 585 MB/sec
  • TurboDrive up to 985 MB/sec
  • 1Gbps, 2.5Gbps or 5Gbps - auto-negotiate

Nano XL-M4090 | Nano XL-C4090 Features

  • -20 to +60 degree operating temperature range
  • 16MP resolution with w/global shutter || 4.5 um pixel size
  • 500MB onboard memory
  • 15.6 fps sustained with TurboDrive
Manufacturer: Teledyne DALSA Model: Nano XL-M4090
Nano XL-C4090
Total Pixels: 16,777,216
Resolution: 4096 (h) 4096 (v) Sensor Size: 26mm Color/B & W: Color
Frame Rate(fps): 7.10 Sensor Type: CMOS Sensor Device: ON Semi PYTHON 16K
Pixel Size(µm): 4.5(h) 4.5(v) A/D Bits: 10 Shutter Speed(µs): 34(min)/16000000(max)
Interface: GigE Voltage(VDC): 10-36V Power(watts): 6.6
Lens Mount: M42x1 Shutter Type: Global Weight(grams): 163
S/N Ratio(dB): call External Trigger: Yes Dimensions(mm): 30mm, plus M42 lens adapter Lx59Wx59H

Teledyne DALSA
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