IDS Imaging Analog Frame Grabbers

Teledyne Dalsa, an industry leader in frame grabbers and machine vision cameras, manufactures dependable, high performance, board-level frame grabbers. Their versatile product line includes the Xtium2, Xtium and Xcelera frame grabbers, and Camera Link, Camera Link HS, and CoaXPress interfaces.

The Teledyne DALSA Digital Frame Grabber assists in your ability to optimize speed, trigger-to-data reliability, data security, and synchronization, especially when processing images from multiple cameras. (Essentially, the frame grabber enables the high-speed image acquisition of high resolution images via synchronization in real-time.) It is important to know the functionality and purpose of a frame grabber to better understand if the device is right for your specific imaging system and application.

Teledyne DALSA's Sapera LT SDK is a free image acquisition and control toolkit for Teledyne DALSA 2D/3D, GigE, Camera Link, Camera Link HS cameras, and frame grabbers.

Contact our support team if you have any questions about the Teledyne Dalsa frame grabber that is right for you.

Analog frame grabbers are being discontinued and are not recommended for new designs.

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