Schneider Optics Cinegon Compact 1" C-Mount Lenses

  • Compact lenses for larger sized, megapixel sensors up to 16mm diagonal
  • Broadband coated and may be used alternatively in the visible (VIS) or near infrared (NIR) ranges
  • Robust mechanical design with lockable focus & iris ensure long-term stability in production environments
  • The Cinegon 1.8/16mm lens accepts an M30.5x0.5 filter thread, while the Cinegon 1.9/10mm lens uses a filter adapter to accept an M62x0.75 filter.

Lens Family:

Get Quote Mfg PN Lens Format Size
Focal Length
Lens Quality
F Stop
M.O.D. (m)
Dim LxW
Filter Size
get a quote for this product 21-1001978 1" 10.0 5MP 1.9 46x38 M62 x 0.75
get a quote for this product 21-1001482 1" 16.0 5MP 1.8 .02 41x34 M30.5 x 0.5