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Megapixel Lenses
Listing of our megapixel lenses

Not sure which megapixel lens is right for your machine vision, factory automation or scientific application?
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1.4mm FujinonFE185C046HA-11/
1.8mm FujinonFE185C057HA-12/
2.7mm FujinonFE185C086HA-
3.5mm KowaLM3NC1M1/1.82.4smooth0.146.7 X 42YM40 X 0.50.46%120/100
4.4mm KowaLM4NCM1/1.81.6smooth0.157.5 X 45YM43 X 0.75-0.2%120/100
4.8mm Schneider Optics22-0105512/31.8-22YM49.5x0.75
4.8mm Schneider Optics21-10019552/31.8smooth0.042 x 38YM62 x 0.75160/120
4.8mm Schneider Optics21-0175302/31.8-22Y
4.8mm Schneider Optics22-0126912/31.8-22Y
5mm KowaLM5JC10M2/31.8 ~ 16smooth0.148x57YM46 x 0.75- 0.33%200/160
5mm KowaLM5JCM2/32.8smooth0.542 X 38.2YM40 X 0.50.5%120/100
6mm 1stVisionLE-MV3-0618-111.8Smooth0.154x58.6Yn/a-0.7%
6mm KowaLM6HC11.8smooth0.154x56Y-0.2%100/80
6mm KowaLM6NCM1/21.2smooth0.134 x 46YM30.5 x 0.5-0.20%120/100
6mm Schneider Optics21-10556912/32.1smooth0.045 x 38YM62x0.5-7.5%160/120
8mm 1stVisionLE-MV2-8142/31.4smooth0.130 x 47.5YM27 X 0.5-0.39%140/80
8mm 1stVisionLE-MV3-8142/31.4smooth0.137.5 x 28YM35.5 x 0.5-1.24%160
8mm 1stVisionLE-MV2-814-111.4Smooth0.157x58.6YM55x0.75-1.0%
8mm CBCV0828-MPY1.12.8Smooth0.275x54YM67x0.75mm (w/VM0810)-0.6%
8mm KowaLM8HC-SWIR11.4smooth0.157 x 58YM55 x 0.75-1.20%100/80
8mm KowaLM8JCM2/31.4smooth0.1234 x 42YM27 x 0.50.6%120/100
8mm KowaLM8HC11.4smooth0.157 x 58YM55 x 0.75-1.2%100/80
8mm KowaLM8JC10M2/31.8 ~ 22smooth0.136x56YM34 x 0.50.31%200/160
8mm Schneider Optics21-0125432/31.4-22YM49.5 x 0.75
8mm Schneider Optics22-0106672/31.4-22YM49.5 x 0.75
8mm Schneider Optics22-0109822/31.4-22YM49.5 x 0.75
8mm Schneider Optics21-10019192/31.4smooth0.045 x 38YM30.5 x 0.5-3%160/120
10mm Schneider Optics21-10746251/1.82.2Smooth38x27YM25.5x0.50.045140/100
10mm Schneider Optics21-100197811.9smooth0.046 x38YM62 x 0.75-2%160/120
12mm 1stVisionLE-MV3-12182/31.8smooth0.1537.5 x 56.YM35.5 X 0.5-0.22%160
12mm 1stVisionLE-MV2-12142/31.4smooth0.130 x 47.5YM27 X 0.5 -0.12%140/80
12mm CBCV1228-MPY1.12.8Smooth0.342x36.1YM34x0.5-0.5%
12mm FujinonCF12.5HA-111.4smooth0.151 x 69YM49 x 0.75
12mm FujinonHF12.5SA-12/31.4smooth0.151 x 69YM49 x 0.75
12mm KowaLM12HC-SWIR11.4smooth0.343 x 52YM35.5 x 0.5-1.50%100/80
12mm KowaLM12HC11.4smooth0.343 x 52YM35.5 x 0.5-1.5%100/80
12mm KowaLM12SC11.8Smooth0.182.0x41.0YM40.5x0.50.55%160/120
12mm KowaLM12XC4/32smooth0.157 x 85YM55 x 0.750.59%160
12mm KowaLM12JC10M2/31.8 ~ 11smooth0.132x53YM25.5 x 0.5- 0.12%200/160
12mm KowaLM12JCM2/31.4smooth0.1534 x 37YM27 x 0.5-0.07%120/100
12mm Schneider Optics22-0228852/31.4-22YM49.5 x 0.75
12mm Schneider Optics21-10019512/31.4smooth0.0633 x 34YM30.5 x 0.5-1.5%160/120
12mm Schneider Optics21-0228902/31.4-22YM49.5 x 0.75
12.5mm 1stVisionLE-MV2-12514-111.4Smooth0.143x52.9 YM35.5x0.5-1.5%
16mm 1stVisionLE-MV2-1614-111.4Smooth0.343x49.4YM35.5x0.5-1.0%
16mm 1stVisionLE-MV3-16142/31.4smooth0.237.5 x 60.YM35.5 X 0.5-0.10%160
16mm 1stVisionLE-MV2-16142/31.4smooth0.130 x 43YM27 X 0.5-0.16%140/80
16mm CBCV1628-MPY1.12.8Smooth0.339.5x35.2YM34x0.5-0.5%
16mm FujinonCF16HA-111.4smooth0.151 x 71YM49 x 0.75
16mm FujinonHF16SA-12/31.4smooth0.151 x 69YM49 x 0.75
16mm KowaLM16JC5M22/31.4 - 16smooth0.138x52YM30.5 x 0.50.03%160/100
16mm KowaLM16JC10M2/31.8 ~ 16smooth0.133x48YM25.5 x 0.5- 0.20%200/160
16mm KowaLM16HC-SWIR11.4smooth0.342 x 53YM35.5 x 0.5-1%100/80
16mm KowaLM16XC4/32smooth0.145 x 80YM40.5 x 0.50.02%160
16mm KowaLM16HC11.4smooth0.342 x 53YM35.5 x 0.5-1%100/80
16mm KowaLM16JCM2/31.4smooth0.233 x 37YM25.5 x 0.5-0.05%120/100
16mm KowaLM16SC11.8Smooth0.180.1x41.0YM34x0.50.20%160/120
16mm Schneider Optics21-100148211.8smooth0.0241 x 34YM30.5 x 0.5-3%160/120
16mm Schneider Optics21-10746261/1.82.3Smooth46x27YM25.5x0.50.045140/100
16mm Tamron23FM16SP2/31.4Y0.1534 x 40YM30 x 0.5
17mm Schneider Optics22-0105792/31.4-22YM49.5 x 0.75
17mm Schneider Optics21-10019572/31.4smooth0.0434 x 34YM30.5 x 0.5-2%160/120
17mm Schneider Optics21-0106232/31.4-22YM49.5 x 0.75
17mm Schneider Optics22-0105782/31.4-22YM49.5 x 0.75
23mm Schneider Optics22-0105812/31.4-22YM49.5 x 0.75
23mm Schneider Optics21-10019172/31.4smooth0.0837 x 34YM30.5 x 0.5-1%160/120
23mm Schneider Optics21-0104252/31.4-22YM49.5 x 0.75
23mm Schneider Optics22-0105822/31.4-22YM49.5 x 0.75
23mm Schneider Optics21-10123442/31.4smooth0.0839 x 34YM30.5 x 0.5-1%200/160
25mm 1stVisionLE-MV2-2514-111.4Smooth0.343x45YM35.5x0.5-1.0%
25mm 1stVisionLE-MV3-25142/31.4smooth0.237.5 x 44.YM35.5 X 0.5-0.02%160
25mm CBCV2528-MPY1.12.8Smooth0.339.5x34YM34x0.50.3%
25mm FujinonCF25HA-111.4smooth0.151 x 76YM49 x 0.75
25mm FujinonHF25SA-12/31.4smooth0.151 x 69YM49 x 0.75
25mm KowaLM25SC11.8Smooth0.1588.9x41.0YM34x0.50.03%160/120
25mm KowaLM25HC-SWIR11.4smooth0.343x43YM35.5 x 0.5-1.00%120/80
25mm KowaLM25XC4/32smooth0.1545 x 89YM40.5 x 0.5-0.57%160
25mm KowaLM25HC11.4smooth0.343x43YM35.5 x 0.5-1.0%120/80
25mm KowaLM25JCM2/31.4smooth0.233 x 40YM27 x 0.5-0.07%120/100
25mm KowaLM25JC5M22/31.6 - 16smooth0.138x45.5YM30.5 x 0.5-0.01%160/100
25mm KowaLM25JC10M2/31.8 ~ 16smooth0.133x46YM25.5 x 0.5- 0.09%200/160
25mm Schneider Optics21-10689081/1.82.2Smooth26x27YM25.5x0.50.045140/100
25mm Tamron23FM25SP2/31.4Y0.1534 X 50YM30 x 0.5
28mm Schneider Optics25-014794M37 x 0.75
28mm Schneider Optics21-107160643.32.8Smooth0.44665x98.7YM62 x 0.75-0.03%
28mm Schneider Optics21-10019721.32.0smooth0.1734 x 34YM30.5 x 0.5-0.6%160/120
28mm Schneider Optics21-107160943.32.8Smooth0.23365x99.1YM62 x 0.75-0.05%
35mm 1stVisionLE-MV3-3514-111.4Smooth0.340x 48.6YM35.5x0.5-0.3%
35mm CBCV3528-MPY1.12.8Smooth0.339.5x45.1YM34x0.5-0.1%
35mm FujinonHF35SA-12/31.4smooth0.251 x 49YM49 x 0.75
35mm FujinonCF35HA-111.4smooth0.251 x 48YM49 x 0.75
35mm KowaLM35HC-SWIR11.4smooth0.342 x 43YM35.5 x 0.5-0.50%100/80
35mm KowaLM35XC4/32smooth0.245 x 74YM37.5 X 0.5-0.17%160
35mm KowaLM35HC11.4smooth0.342 x 43YM35.5 x 0.5-0.5%100/80
35mm KowaLM35JCM2/32.0smooth0.234 x 37YM27 x 0.5-0.05%120/100
35mm KowaLM35SC12Smooth0.274.0x42.0YM34x0.50.20%160/120
35mm KowaLM35JC10M2/32.0 ~ 16smooth0.143x49YM34 x 0.5- 0.05%200/160
35mm Schneider Optics21-10746271/1.82.3Smooth51x27YM25.5x0.50.045140/100
35mm Schneider Optics21-10575642/31.8smooth0.1659 x 34YM30.5 x 0.5-0.5%200/160
35mm Schneider Optics22-0399572/31.9-22YM49.5 x 0.75
35mm Schneider Optics22-0399562/31.9-22YM49.5 x 0.75
35mm Schneider Optics25-014792M37 x 0.75
35mm Schneider Optics21-10019602/31.9smooth0.2535 x 34YM30.5 x 0.5-0.2%160/120
35mm Schneider Optics21-0399592/31.9-22YM49.5 x 0.75
40mm Schneider Optics25-014798M37 x 0.75
45mm Schneider Optics25-014783M37 x 0.75
50mm 1stVisionLE-MV2-5014-111.4Smooth0.547.5x53.1YM35.5x0.5-1.0%
50mm CBCV5028-MPY1.12.8Smooth0.539.5x45.1YM34x0.50.1%
50mm FujinonHF50SA-12/31.8smooth0.451 x 56YM49 x 0.75
50mm FujinonCF50HA-111.8smooth0.451 x 55YM49 x 0.75
50mm KowaLM50XC4/32smooth0.345 x 74YM37.5 X 0.50.80%160
50mm KowaLM50JC10M2/32.8 ~ 16smooth0.138x77YM30.5 x 0.5- 0.02%200/160
50mm KowaLM50HC-SWIR11.4smooth0.549 x 48YM40.5 x 0.50.05%100/80
50mm KowaLM50SC12Smooth0.378.5x42.0YM34x0.50.30%160/120
50mm KowaLM50JCM2/32.8smooth0.234 x 55YM27 x 0.5-0.03%120/100
50mm KowaLM50HC11.4smooth0.549 x 48YM40.5 x 0.50.05%100/80
50mm Schneider Optics21-106267243.32.2Smooth0.27649x43.2YM43 x 0.75-0.1%
50mm Schneider Optics21-10019761.32.8smooth0.5349 x 34YM30.5 x 0.5-0.2%160/120
50mm Schneider Optics25-014796M37 x 0.75
50mm Tamron23FM50SP2/32.8Y0.234 X 63YM30 x 0.5
60mm Schneider Optics25-014802M37 x 0.75
70mm Schneider Optics21-10145932/32.2smooth0.5974 x 42YM30.5x0.5-0.2%160/120
70mm Schneider Optics22-10006512/32.2-22YM49.5 x 0.75
70mm Schneider Optics22-10006522/32.2-22YM49.5 x 0.75
70mm Schneider Optics21-10006532/32.2-22YM49.5 x 0.75
75mm FujinonHF75SA-12/31.8smooth0.951 x 76YM49 x 0.75
75mm FujinonCF75HA-111.8smooth0.951 x 76YM49 x 0.75
75mm KowaLM75HC11.8smooth149 x 57YM46 x 0.75-0.2%100/80
77mm Schneider Optics25-1004157M40.5 x 0.5
80mm Schneider Optics25-014780M37 x 0.75
80mm Schneider Optics25-035145M37 x 0.75
90mm Schneider Optics25-1004531M40.5 x 0.5
90mm Schneider Optics25-014767M37 x 0.75
95mm Schneider Optics25-1003231
100mm KowaLM100JC2/32.0smooth242 x 70YM40.5 x 0.5-0.05%100/60
100mm Schneider Optics21-106488143.32.8Smooth0.64456x98.2YM43 x 0.75-0.1%
100mm Schneider Optics25-035142M37 x 0.75
100mm Schneider Optics21-107050643.32.9Smooth1.54856x100.2YM43 x 0.75-0.02%
120mm Schneider Optics25-1002647M40.5 x 0.5
120mm Schneider Optics25-1002650M40.5 x 0.5
120mm Schneider Optics25-1002648M40.5 x 0.5
120mm Schneider Optics25-1004611M40.5 x 0.5