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Fujinon HF50SA-1 2/3" 5 Megapixel 50mm lens
Fujinon HF SA-1 5 Megapixel Lenses

The Fujinon HF50SA-1 is a 50 mm lens with a M49 x 0.75 filter size.

The Fujinon HF50SA-1 and the fuji and mega family features super high resolution, support for up to 5mp, wide aperature, screw locks, rear focusing system for improved macro capability, low distortion and uniform illumination.

Fujinon HF50SA-1 lens

Manufacturer: Fujinon
Manufacturer PN: HF50SA-1
Focal Length: 50mm
Quality: 5MP
Sensor Size: 2/3"
Lens Mount: C
F Stop: 1.8

M.O.D. (m): 0.4
Dimension (L x W): 51 x 56
Iris type: smooth
Filter size: M49 x 0.75
Distortion: N/A
Resolution: N/A