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Kowa LM35LF 5/3" 5 Megapixel 35mm lens
Kowa F mount and Line Scan Lens

The Kowa LM35LF is a 35 mm lens with a M52 x 0.75 filter size, -0.15% distortion.

The Kowa LM35LF and the Kowa F mount and Line Scan Lens family features f mount for up to 43.3mm image circle, very low distortion, very close working distance, nikon f or 48mm mount.

Kowa LM35LF lens

Manufacturer: Kowa
Manufacturer PN: LM35LF
Focal Length: 35mm
Quality: 5MP
Sensor Size: 43.3mm
Lens Mount: F
F Stop: 2.8

M.O.D. (m): 0.25
Dimension (L x W): 54 x 71
Iris type: smooth
Filter size: M52 x 0.75
Distortion: -0.15%
Resolution: N/A