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Active X SW for Firewire & GigE Cameras
Easy to use, drag and drop Active X control.
Get live video within minutes of starting your application!

Active Dcam/GigE is an ActiveX software solution designed to provide developers with a rapid access to FireWire (IEEE-1394) & GigE digital cameras. Just drop an ActiveDcam control onto the surface of your application and have it immediately support multiple FireWire cameras. With ActiveDcam your application does not have to rely on a specific camera model - any DCAM-compliant 1394 or GigE camera will work with it out-of-the-box. You can even insert the control into an MS Word or PowerPoint document and have the live video embedded right into your presentation! In addition you can:
  > Acquire and display live video from one or several cameras.
  > Select among multiple camera sources.
  > Set the desired video format and triggering mode.
  > Select among several hardware and software trigger sources.
  > Grab 8 or 16-bit per channel monochrome and color images.
  > Perform automatic color interpolation of a monochrome video generated by Bayer cameras.
  > Choose among several available frame rates.
  > Select the desired size and position of the scan area.
  > Adjust multiple camera parameters in real time: brightness, gain, shutter, gamma, sharpness, hue, saturation, white balance.
  > Control iris, focus and zoom in cameras with motorized lenses.
  > Activate automatic or one-push control over selected camera parameters.
  > Save camera settings in memory channels and reload them on demand.
  > Use proprietary camera features through direct access to 1394 registers.
  > Choose among several palettes for pseudo-color display.
  > Get an instant access to pixel values and pixel arrays.
  > Retrieve individual color planes from RGB images.
  > Save images in BMP, TIFF and JPEG formats.
  > TWAIN interface to third party imaging applications.
  > New! Time-lapse capture to AVI files and image sequences.
  > New! Ability to overlay custom graphics and texts on live video.
  > New! Ability to process incoming images and display them in real time.
  > New! Live video import into PictureBox objects.
  > New! Highly optimized speed and performance.

Ability to run multiple copies of the control in one application guarantees independent adjustment and seamless parallel acquisition from multiple cameras in both the design and run-time modes.

ActiveDcam setup includes extensive documentation and source code samples for Visual C++, Visual Basic, VB.NET and C#, demonstrating live video capture, image processing and analysis, storing acquired images in different formats, full control over camera settings, and many more.



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