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USB 3.0 Cameras

Why USB 3.0 Cameras?

USB 3 cameras deliver industrial grade performance for machine vision applications that require high speed, high performance, and superb image quality. USB 3.0 cameras provide data rates as high as 420 MByte/second — a major technological advancement when compared to about 40 MByte/sec for USB 2.0. More...

USB 3 industrial cameras from IDS, JAI, and AVT

IDS USB 3.0 Cameras

IDS USB 3.0 cameras are available in lightweight, robust, compact magnesium housing, or as board level cameras.

Vendor* Model* Interface** H Res V Res Bits FPS*** Sensor Sensor Size  
IDSUI-3013XC-CUSB 3.04192310481Sony FCB-MA1307.3
IDSUI-3060CP-M/CUSB 3.01936121612161Sony IMX1741/1.2
IDSUI-3070CP-M/CUSB 3.02056154212134Sony IMX2521/1.8
IDSUI-3080CP-M/CUSB 3.0245620541277Sony IMX2502/3
IDSUI-3130CP-M/CUSB 3.080860810575On-Semi Python 4801/4
IDSUI-313xLE-M/CUSB 3.080860810135On-Semi Python 4801/4
IDSUI-3140CP-M/CUSB 3.01280102410224On-Semi PYTHON 13001/2
IDSUI-3160CP-M/CUSB 3.01920120010165On-Semi PYTHON 20002/3
IDSUI-3180CP-M/CUSB 3.0259220481072On-Semi PYTHON 50001
IDSUI-3220CP-M/CUSB 3.075248012100Aptina MT9V0321/3
IDSUI-3240CP-M/CUSB 3.0128010241260e2V EV76C5601/1.8
IDSUI-3240CP-NIRUSB 3.0128010241060e2V EV76C661ABT1/1.8
IDSUI-3240ML-M/CUSB 3.0128010241060e2V EV76C5601/1.8
IDSUI-3240ML-NIRUSB 3.0128010241060e2V EV76C661ABT1/1.8
IDSUI-324xLE M/CUSB 3.0128010241060e2V EV76C5601/1.8
IDSUI-324xLE-NIRUSB 3.0128010241060e2V EV76C661ABT1/1.8
IDSUI-3250CP-M/CUSB 3.0160012001063e2V EV76C5701/1.8
IDSUI-3250ML-M/CUSB 3.0160012001063.40e2V EV76C5701/1.8
IDSUI-325xLE M/CUSB 3.0160012001063.40e2V EV76C5701/1.8
IDSUI-3260CP-M/CUSB 3.0193612161241Sony IMX2491/1.2
IDSUI-3270CP-M/CUSB 3.0205615421257Sony IMX2651/1.8
IDSUI-327xLE-M/CUSB 3.0205615421257Sony IMX2651/1.8
IDSUI-3280CP-M/CUSB 3.0245620541236Sony IMX2642/3
IDSUI-3360CP-M/CUSB 3.02048108812152CMOSIS CMV20002/3
IDSUI-3360CP-NIRUSB 3.02048108812152CMOSIS CMV20002/3
IDSUI-3370CP-M/CUSB 3.0204820481290CMOSIS CMV40001
IDSUI-3370CP-NIRUSB 3.0204820481290CMOSIS CMV40001
IDSUI-3480CP-MUSB 3.0256019201215Aptina MT9P0311/2.5
IDSUI-3480ML-MUSB 3.0256019201215.20Aptina MT9P0311/2
IDSUI-348xLE MUSB 3.0256019201215.20Aptina MT9P0311/2
IDSUI-3580CP-CUSB 3.0256019201215Aptina MT9P0061/2
IDSUI-3580ML-CUSB 3.0256019201215.20Aptina MT9P0311/2
IDSUI-358xLE CUSB 3.0256019201215.20Aptina MT9P0311/2
IDSUI-3590CP-CUSB 3.0491236841018Aptina AR1820HS1/2.3
IDSUI-359xLE CUSB 3.0491236841012.30Aptina AR1820HS1/2.3
IDSUI-3860CP-M/CUSB 3.01936109612135Sony Starvis IMX2901/2.8
IDSUI-386xLE-M/CUSB 3.01936109612135Sony Starvis IMX2901/2.8
IDSUI-3880CP-M/CUSB 3.0308820761260Sony Starvis IMX1781/1.8
IDSUI-388xLE-M/CUSB 3.0308820761260Sony Starvis IMX1781/1.8

JAI USB 3.0 Cameras

JAI USB 3.0 cameras include the GO Series and Elite Series USB 3.

Vendor* Model* Interface** H Res V Res Bits FPS*** Sensor Sensor Size  
JAIEL-2800M-USB/EL-2800C-USB M/CUSB 3.0192010401254.7Sony ICX6742/3
JAIGO-5000M-USB GO-5000C-USBUSB 3.0256020481262Anafocus Lince5M1
JAISP-20000M-USB SP-200000C-USBUSB 3.0512038401216CMOSIS CMV2000041mm
JAISP-5000M-USB SP-5000C-USBUSB 3.0256020481062Anafocus Lince5M1

Allied Vision USB 3.0 Cameras

AVT USB 3.0 cameras are super high speed, low cost and ultra compact USB3 cameras — built with high quality CMOS OnSemi (Aptina) Python, and Aptina MT sensors.

Vendor* Model* Interface** H Res V Res Bits FPS*** Sensor Sensor Size  
Allied VisonMako U-029BUSB 3.064048010550On-Semi PYTHON 3001/4
Allied VisonMako U-051BUSB 3.080060010391On-Semi PYTHON 5001/3.6
Allied VisonMako U-130BUSB 3.01280102410168On-Semi PYTHON 13001/2
Allied VisonMako U-503BUSB 3.0259219441214Aptina MT9P0311/2.5

Phase One Industrial IXU/IXU-R Aerial USB 3.0 Cameras

The Phase One iXU aerial camera system offers ultra high resolution camera/lens combinations designed specifically for aerial imaging applications requiring cameras with the high resolution of a medium format system and with high performance optics, which are small and light enough to be easily integrated into a small space. Image capture & edit software along with a full SDK is available including RS-232 communications for full camera control. These cameras are also well suited for a wide range of industrial applications.

Vendor* Model* Interface** H Res V Res Bits FPS*** Sensor Sensor Size  
iXU 1000 CUSB 3.0116088708161.10Sony 66.7mm
IXU 150 CUSB 3.082806208141.20Sony 54.85mm
IXU 160 CUSB 3.089846732160.70Dalsa 67.36mm
IXU 160 Achromatic MUSB 3.089846716160.70Dalsa 67.3mm
IXU 180 CUSB 3.0103287760160.60Dalsa 67.18mm
IXU-R 1000 CUSB 3.0116088708161.20Sony 66.7mm
IXU-R 160 CUSB 3.089846732160.90Dalsa 67.36mm
IXU-R 160 Achromatic MUSB 3.089846716160.90Dalsa 67.3mm
IXU-R 180 CUSB 3.0103287760160.80Dalsa 67.18mm


The Crowley Company for three decades has successfully operated worldwide as a unique blend of engineer, manufacturer and service bureau for digital and analog imaging technology. Utilizing knowledge from archival preservation and records management imaging technology, Crowley has developed a high fidelity 71 Megapixel machine vision camera. Utilizing the CMOSIS CHR70M image sensor, the MACHCAM camera produces excellent image fidelity with low noise and good dynamic range. Well suited for applications in scientific, medical and aerial imaging, LCD/PCB inspection, packaging Inspection and MIL/AERO to name a few.

Vendor* Model* Interface** H Res V Res Bits FPS*** Sensor Sensor Size  
MACHCAM71C CUSB 3.0100007096123CMOSIS CHR70M38mm
MACHCAM71M MUSB 3.0100007096123CMOSIS CHR70M38mm

*Model Abbreviations designate camera is available in B-Monochrome, M-Monochrome, C-Color, M/C-Monochrome or Color
**Interface - Firewire cameras = 1394 , Camera Link cameras = Cam Link, USB2.0 cameras = USB, Gigabit Ethernet (GigE, GigeVision) = GigE
***FPS - Frames Per Second